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Our Restaurant

As soon as you enter our restaurant, take your time and look around. Notice the high ceilings, the friendly space with the warm bamboo floor, or enjoy our wall-pictures with beautiful floral themes and the modern lampion-shaped lights. All this visualizes a Chinese park, well-planned and made for recreation. Now walk along the “path”, which is embedded in the floor right up to our artistically designed counter. Study it carefully: Does the slightly curved form and the scaled wooden surface remind you of a traditional Chinese symbol? This magic animal stands for fortune, harmony, protection and wealth. That’s why it has been given pride of place in the centre of our restaurant. Any guesses what it represents?

Now find your favourite spot and enjoy the atmosphere in the pleasant location of this classical old town house. We believe that  we have succeeded in combining the aesthetics of the East with European style. You will recognize this concept, when you take a close look at our menu.