Foto A good friend
may turn a desert into paradise.

Our history

A long, long time ago Raute 50 years to be precise Raute lived a highly appraised and most valued chef de cuisine named Kwa-Se Yin in the city of great many flowers Yangzhou Raute in China, about 350 km north-west of Shanghai. Raute His delicious “Peking duck” and his hand-made Wan-Tan dumplings delighted the palate of each and everyone who tried them Raute he was head of a small but classy restaurant. Raute One day the honourable Mister Yin decided to take on a long journey into the far, far west. His great quest was to enlighten the strange inhabitants of Eu-Ro-Pa with his art of cooking Raute after a brief stopover in Bremen he opened the very first Chinese restaurant in Lubeck – that was in 1966. Raute The most diligent Mister Yin was not only blessed with fortune and success but also with a great number of descendants, who delighted in joining the tradition of Chinese cooking Raute Today three generations of the Yin family work in the Shanghai Restaurant and with their hearts and hands they make their contribution to the fine atmosphere of the place. Raute